Our New Mexico Family Law Attorneys at Jay Goodman & Associates are frequently asked about whether it is necessary to retain an attorney when seeking a divorce. Although there are a fair number of people that choose to […]
This is the second-installment of our two-part blog post discussing certain issues that many people ask regarding divorce in New Mexico.  If you have not had the opportunity to review Part I, it may be helpful to do […]
If you have been served with divorce papers from your spouse or you are considering pursuing a marital dissolution in New Mexico, chances are that you have a multitude of questions about your rights and the divorce process. […]
While there is a wide array of assets that may be made part of a revocable trust, sometimes there are special types of assets like firearms that requires special language to ensure that you do not inadvertently place […]
As our world continues to shrink because of more sophisticated communication technology and increasingly efficient means of traveling and migrating between countries, new child custody issues have emerged that might not have drawn much attention in prior decades. […]
When a child is born and the parents are not married, the establishment of paternity is essential because it is the foundation for child support as well as parental rights and responsibilities.  If the parents are married when […]
When parents are involved in a child custody dispute, child support will often be a key issue in the marital dissolution or paternity action. One unfortunate aspect of child custody cases involves the complex interplay between the determination […]
While parents may fear the impact of a divorce or paternity action on their child, many child custody cases can be handled by amicably negotiating terms to be included in a parent plan. A parenting plan will provide […]