I bet almost everyone dislikes thinking about their passing or the passing of their loved ones. But as Mr. Benjamin Franklin wrote, “…in the world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” While that’s […]
Estate planning Strategies can be used to address a wide range of issues like avoiding probate, reducing tax burdens, protecting assets from creditors, planning for incapacity, and passing one’s legacy to beneficiaries. The diversity of benefits offered by […]
Advance Health Care Directives in New Mexico can serve multiple functions in terms of appointing someone to make end of life medical decisions delineating the types of life-sustaining treatment, articulating preferences about organ donation and other matters. The […]
While any estate planning strategy requires considering a range of issues like tax consequences, probate avoidance, asset protection and more, the situation becomes significantly more complicated when the plan includes a beneficiary with special needs. When developing an […]
Although most people think that they have a fairly good idea about the value of their assets, sometimes determining the value of property can be complicated. Property that is more difficult to value may include stock options, antiques, […]
Although there are many facets of an estate plan, one that many take for granted involves the designation of a beneficiary to a life insurance policy, retirement account, or saving account.  The process of deciding on and providing […]
The demands of family and work responsibilities continues to consume a growing portion of American’s time which often leads people to procrastinate about tasks that can have a significant impact on their future security. NM Estate planning involves […]
The attorneys at our Santa Fe Estate Planning Law Firm recognize that many people do not understand the value of a living trust as a financial planning tool. When one’s estate plan is founded on an artfully drafted […]
Most people recognize the value of planning to ensure that one’s personal religious and moral beliefs are respected in the event of a prolonged state of unconsciousness or other form of mental and/or physical incapacity. While most people […]
PHOTO CREDIT: MAURICIO SANTANA/CON/LATINCONTENT/GETTY IMAGES The recent tragic death of actor Paul Walker, most known for his lead role in The Fast and Furious movie franchise, raises a number of important estate planning issues. While Mr. Walker’s estate may […]