While child custody, visitation and child support are fundamental issues for unmarried parents, paternity attorneys recognize that many single parents need information regarding their rights as to child support, parental rights and timeshare arrangements. Below are answers to […]
The high costs associated with health care and medical insurance makes the risk of interruption of coverage during a pending divorce or after a judgment of marital dissolution a matter of significant concern. Although spouses sometimes consider terminating […]
A study published in the American Sociological Review quantifies the potential impact of divorce on children and offers hope for parents that are able to navigate a fairly amicable divorce process. The study reveals that children of divorce […]
The divorce process can be an extremely frightening experience because it impacts the most fundamental aspects of your life and can mean enormous uncertainty about your financial future.  When you are involved in a divorce, it can result […]
Any New Mexico marital dissolution involving significant assets or involving high net worth individuals typically presents complex asset division issues. One of the most difficult property division issues in a New Mexico dissolution of marriage involves the division […]
When spouses separate in anticipation of a divorce, there is frequently a significant difference in the income and earning capacity of each spouse. If one of the spouses was the primary wage earner, the spouse who assumed the […]
When marital partners consider the prospect of terminating their marital status, it is inevitable that there will be a torrent of questions because of the sweeping changes that marital dissolution brings for both spouses. Divorce often impacts their […]
A recent thought provoking article in the Huffington Post written by Lara Lillibridge raises interesting questions about the difference in the way people treat “marriage contracts” and “commercial contracts.”  While people sign thirty page contracts for a two-year […]
The obligation to disclose assets and income to one’s spouse during a New Mexico divorce is fundamental to the ability of a family law judge to devise an equal division of community property and debts. This obligation extends […]
When contemplating the potential breakup of a marriage, it is probably not an elderly couple that comes immediately to mind. However, the special issues that confront senior citizens along with the rising average age of the American population […]