PHOTO CREDIT: MAURICIO SANTANA/CON/LATINCONTENT/GETTY IMAGES The recent tragic death of actor Paul Walker, most known for his lead role in The Fast and Furious movie franchise, raises a number of important estate planning issues. While Mr. Walker’s estate may […]
Although living trusts are frequently used estate planning devices, elderly adults that are engaged in estate planning need to be aware that not all businesses that claim to set up living trusts are created equal. There is a […]
Many people who develop estate plans without consulting with Estate Planning Lawyers in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, NM find that the initial cost savings involved in DIY estate plans can be easily dwarfed by the long-term costs. Although […]
While our Albuquerque Estate Planning Lawyers often receive questions from married couples seeking to protect their financial security and their loved one’s legacy, many couples who are not married assume that it is premature to engage in estate […]
A recent thought provoking article in the Huffington Post written by Lara Lillibridge raises interesting questions about the difference in the way people treat “marriage contracts” and “commercial contracts.”  While people sign thirty page contracts for a two-year […]
The obligation to disclose assets and income to one’s spouse during a New Mexico divorce is fundamental to the ability of a family law judge to devise an equal division of community property and debts. This obligation extends […]
When contemplating the potential breakup of a marriage, it is probably not an elderly couple that comes immediately to mind. However, the special issues that confront senior citizens along with the rising average age of the American population […]
When parties seek a divorce in New Mexico, the court will address the division of property and debts based on New Mexico community property principles. In broad terms, this means that most assets acquired during the marriage or […]
There are a wide range of issues that a New Mexico family law judge will consider when determining what type of parental timeshare arrangement is in the best interest of minor children. While many of these relevant factors […]
When you are a party in a New Mexico divorce that involves minor children, a parenting plan will be one of the most fundamental aspects of the divorce judgment. Whether you are involved in a contentious custody case […]