If you are one of the fortunate ones, you and your spouse will continue to be able to communicate effectively while navigating your way through a New Mexico divorce. When a married couple can take a businesslike amicable […]
When couples are involved in a divorce in New Mexico, there are many issues to worry about including their parent-child relationship, financial support and obtaining a fair distribution of community property. Given the stress and animosity that often […]
While parents may fear the impact of a divorce or paternity action on their child, many child custody cases can be handled by amicably negotiating terms to be included in a parent plan. A parenting plan will provide […]


If you have been married for many years but now face the prospects of a New Mexico divorce, alimony may be a major concern. The primary or higher wage earner in the marriage may be concerned about his […]
Our New Mexico Attorneys frequently receive questions from those who are contemplating divorce but hesitant to take action because of fears about domestic violence. While those that have never had much experience with domestic violence may not understand […]
In the State of New Mexico, a legal separation may be a viable option for parties who have decided to physically separate from one another.  While said action may not be right for every couple, it can serve […]
In the State of New Mexico, some of the most heavily contested issues during a divorce case involve a determination as to which spouse will be awarded primary custody of the children. For example, in the event that […]
Family law is qualitatively different than many other areas of law because of the fundamental and intimate nature of the issues and the intense emotions often involved in New Mexico family law cases like divorces, paternity actions, modifications […]
This is the second part in our multi-installment blog on important do’s and don’ts in Santa Fe family law cases. Please click Here to read Part I. Don’t try to police how your spouse spends the voluntary child […]
In the State of New Mexico, if the parties to a marriage are unable to divide their marital property and debt on their own, then the court must do so using a community property scheme of division.  Community […]