This is our final installment in a series of blog post discussing why spouses are more likely to reach a stable disposition of divorce issues that they find acceptable when they have the benefit of legal counsel from […]
The third installment of our multi-blog series discussing why it is usually not advisable to go it alone (pro se representation) when you are involved in a New Mexico dissolution of marriage action. While there are exceptions to […]
This the Part II of our blog discussing reasons that you may want to obtain legal advice and/or retain legal representation if you are facing the prospect of a New Mexico divorce. It is worth noting that most […]
If you have been served with paperwork indicating that your spouse wants a dissolution of marriage (divorce) or you wish to file for divorce, one of the first tasks that must be handled is to make a decision […]
Collaborative Family practice is a non-adversarial process which affirms the inherent dignity and values of people. Collaborative practice is a comprehensive process designed to facilitate cost effective lasting resolutions of major life transitions in a way which respects […]
Our New Mexico Divorce Lawyers at Jay Goodman & Associates recognize the stress faced by those who are dealing with the serious of transitions involved in the divorce process. The parties to a divorce must cope with changes […]
If you are one of the fortunate ones, you and your spouse will continue to be able to communicate effectively while navigating your way through a New Mexico divorce. When a married couple can take a businesslike amicable […]
When couples are involved in a divorce in New Mexico, there are many issues to worry about including their parent-child relationship, financial support and obtaining a fair distribution of community property. Given the stress and animosity that often […]


Many people have heard the commonly circulated myth that the U.S. does not permit people to be thrown in jail for their debts. Unfortunately, the notion that there is no longer anything equivalent to debtor’s prison is at […]
Our New Mexico Attorneys frequently receive questions from those who are contemplating divorce but hesitant to take action because of fears about domestic violence. While those that have never had much experience with domestic violence may not understand […]