The divorce process is emotionally and financial difficult for both spouses because it fundamentally affects every aspect of the lives of both parties. If you are a primary breadwinner, divorce can pose unique challenges. Primary breadwinners in this […]
This is the conclusion of our two-part blog post providing suggestions for ways to form an effective attorney-client  team with your New Mexico Divorce Lawyer when you are involved in a marital dissolution. The fundamental point of this […]
What many people embroiled in a divorce do not realize is that their relationship with their divorce attorney is very much a team concept. The most effective and experienced New Mexico Divorce Lawyers can have their efforts derailed […]
While creative government bean counters contend that the economy is improving, those who have been laid off or suffered through a long period of unemployment know that any so-called economic recovery has not done much for people on […]
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The third installment of our multi-blog series discussing why it is usually not advisable to go it alone (pro se representation) when you are involved in a New Mexico dissolution of marriage action. While there are exceptions to […]
This the Part II of our blog discussing reasons that you may want to obtain legal advice and/or retain legal representation if you are facing the prospect of a New Mexico divorce. It is worth noting that most […]
If you have been served with paperwork indicating that your spouse wants a dissolution of marriage (divorce) or you wish to file for divorce, one of the first tasks that must be handled is to make a decision […]
Collaborative Family practice is a non-adversarial process which affirms the inherent dignity and values of people. Collaborative practice is a comprehensive process designed to facilitate cost effective lasting resolutions of major life transitions in a way which respects […]
Our New Mexico Divorce Lawyers at Jay Goodman & Associates recognize the stress faced by those who are dealing with the serious of transitions involved in the divorce process. The parties to a divorce must cope with changes […]