While it is not true for all people, many who live in New Mexico consider their family residence and retirement savings as their most valued assets. While we have previously discussed issues pertaining to creditor protection, asset management […]
One of the most significant challenges when developing a New Mexico Estate Plan is ensuring that no critical assets are omitted when constructing a Trust or drafting a Will. There are many types of assets that people tend […]
Sometimes the most obvious answers are not always the most effective when individuals are considering estate planning alternatives in New Mexico. While many parties use joint tenancy with right of survivorship to transfer their family home to a […]
Estate plans that involve making contributions to charitable organizations can be structured so that they provide for a charitable organization after one passes away or during the donor’s lifetime. There are a variety of estate planning tools for […]
When a loved one passes away, family members left behind must cope with practical matters like funeral arrangements and managing the affairs of a decedent’s estate while coping with profound grief.  Effective Estate Planning can make disposition of […]
Most of us understand that we have to pay taxes while we are alive, but did you know that the government can also tax us to die?  If maximizing the size of your estate for distribution to your […]
 Below are some ot the top reasons Estate Planning is critical to your life mission. Should you have additional reasons to share with our community, please comment on this post Your life has meaning and is worthy of […]
We will be providing a complimentary presentation to discuss life and legacy planning on  6/12/12, 5 PM at Garetts Desert Inn.  Please join us if you are interested in obtaining more information about Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorneys, Advanced health […]