The percentage of the population that take steps to avoid the complications and expense of the probate process has risen consistently during the last couple of decades. It is not a coincidence that this shift has been accompanied […]
We frequently receive inquiries from grandparents, aunts and uncles or other extended family who inquire about their ability to obtain guardianship of a minor child.  While the New Mexico Kinship Guardianship Act does provide legal authorization and a […]
While there are many types of trusts that may be used to leave assets to children, grandchildren and other younger family members or loved ones, a spendthrift trust constitutes a common tool for protecting beneficiaries from their own […]
Estate planning involves a variety of tasks that include developing an appropriate estate planning strategy, artful drafting of estate planning documents and undertaking appropriate steps to implement an estate plan and to facilitate administration of one’s estate. Although […]
Some married individuals do not get around to creating an estate plan for the passing of their legacy because they presume that New Mexico community property law will automatically result in their community and separate property passing to […]
While many people know that they need basic estate planning documents, they hope to avoid the expense of retaining a New Mexico Estate Planning Attorney to carry out this objective. While some are tempted to use self-held legal […]
This is the continuation of our blog discussing the functions of a medical power of attorney and an advance medical directive. While both of these documents serve the purpose of ensuring your doctors understand your intentions regarding medical […]
Few people wish to dwell on the prospect that they may suffer a catastrophic injury or sudden heart attack or stroke. However, the decision to address these issues can ensure that you receive medical care that is consistent […]
When people spend their entire life working diligently to develop a substantial net worth, it is normal to hope that this family wealth is preserved when passed to one’s children.  While some people consider a transferring their assets […]
While we routinely provide Estate Planning Legal Advice to those in Santa Fe, Albuquerque and the surrounding areas of New Mexico, the concerns expressed by client cover many issues because estate planning affects so many aspects of our […]