Consumer DebtWhen a Consumer is sued over an old unpaid credit card debt, many times he or she may not have any idea what to do. Too often, the Consumer will bury his or her head in the sand and hope the matter will go away. The matter will not go away. Creditors and debt-buyers will doggedly pursue Consumers to recover an unpaid debt. And if they obtain a judgment in New Mexico, they will attempt to garnish the Consumer’s wages for up to fourteen years or obtain a lien on the Consumer’s home.
A top-flight defense against a Consumer debt claim is more affordable than one might think. Most original creditors are willing to negotiate on the amount owed and the terms of repayment. Debt-buyers are mainly after a default judgment and their willingness to negotiate increases markedly when the Consumer raises any type of defense to the action. The bottom line for any Consumer who is facing a legal action over an unpaid credit card debt is that having an attorney on his or her side is the key to settling the claim for a fraction of what may be owed. Mark Bridges has settled hundreds of consumer debt claims in New Mexico.



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