The increased mobility of people across international borders has resulted in many relationships that involve spouses and co-parents from different countries of origin. While custody disputes that occur after the breakdown of a marriage are often difficult, international […]
There are many non-custodial parents who are frustrated in their attempts to exercise visitation or parenting time with their minor children. The causes of this lack of access may be linked to a lack of cooperation by the […]
While debts that are solely in the name of one spouse generally may be considered the debt of that spouse, this is not the case in community property states like New Mexico. Under community property law, financial obligations […]
Historically, the family residence has been one of the most significant assets to be divided during a marital dissolution. Many parties contemplating divorce relied on the fact that the home would be sold and the proceeds divided evenly […]
Whether you are the primary custodial parent or a parent with more limited parenting time, child support orders have a significant financial impact on your monthly disposable income. Child support can be one of the most frustrating issues […]
There are many issues involved in the divorce process that people may not be aware are important until the situation arises. Our Santa Fe Divorce Lawyers often receive questions from clients about problems they encounter because they begin […]
Although much of estate planning is aimed at the goal of circumventing the probate process, probate is unavoidable for some families because their deceased family member has failed to prepare a living trust or to transfer all appropriate […]
There are many parties that contemplate marriage but view a prenuptial agreement as a pessimistic step that undermines the unqualified commitment represented by marriage. While the principal function of a prenuptial agreement is to create predictability and minimize […]
While most marriages that breakdown end in a marital dissolution, there are some situations where parties want to avoid an actual divorce in favor of a legal separation. There are common situations where legal separation is preferable to […]
A financial power of attorney is a legal document that offers flexibility in terms of incapacity planning but also can have significant limitations. While people do not anticipate suffering physical or mental incapacity in a motor vehicle accident […]