While many people have a basic idea of what the divorce process looks like in the broad sense, one common aspect of a divorce with which many people are unfamiliar involves the use of experts. Our New Mexico […]
Our New Mexico Family Law Attorneys frequently talk to those contemplating a potential divorce or paternity action, who are concerned about their ability to start over after the breakup of a marriage or co-parenting relationship. These concerns often […]
Many spouses that have discussed terminating their marriage attempt to negotiate a division of marital assets without attorney representation or legal counsel. This approach to asset division may seem like a way to prevent the wealth accumulated during […]
Spousal maintenance (also referred to as “alimony”) is an issue that our New Mexico Divorce Lawyers receive many questions about. Whether a party to a divorce is concerned about becoming the recipient of spousal maintenance payments or the […]
Those involved in a New Mexico divorce are often stressed and overwhelmed, so being lost in a sea of unfamiliar terminology only adds to one’s discomfort. There are many specialized legal terms used in the marital dissolution (divorce) […]
Since the women’s movement began in the sixties, women have made great strides toward achieving equal status with men by crashing through glass ceilings in educational achievement and professional occupations as well as closing the gender income gap.  […]
In 1968, the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act was enacted. This law was aimed at preventing parents without custody from taking their children across state lines to establish custody in another state. This type of forum shopping was […]
While many people in the gay and lesbian community lauded the recent decision by the U.S. Supreme Court as a major step forward for same-sex couples, a more nuanced understanding of the ruling suggests that the situation is […]
The prospect of divorce can be a deeply upsetting life change that stirs up a wealth of emotions that include anger, fear, anxiety, resentment, and jealousy just to name a few examples. These emotions can make it tempting […]
Long-term alimony is the most difficult type of alimony to obtain.  This form of spousal maintenance generally is only awarded to marital partners in long-term marriages that are close to twenty years or longer.  When long-term alimony (also […]