While a New Mexico family law judge must consider a long list of factors when constructing a parenting plan and determining the appropriate custody arrangement, there are certain factors that tend to be given more weight by family […]
Alimony is one of the most critical financial issues in a New Mexico divorce especially when one of the parties did not work much during the marriage. The sacrifices made by a spouse who primarily focuses on childcare […]
The financial toll of a divorce can be extremely harsh for women based on a number of studies that distinguish the financial consequences of divorce based on gender. While men tend to prosper in the aftermath of divorce, […]
The process of determining alimony in a New Mexico divorce is one of the most complex and important issues faced by the parties to a marital dissolution. While there are many factors that a family law judge will […]
When people get divorced, they may have many worries and concerns including their financial prospects for the future and their parenting relationship with their children. The stress and challenges involved in the marital dissolution process often distract parties […]
Many husbands and wives who recognize that their marriage cannot continue dread the prospect of a bitter divorce filled with bad feelings, accusations, and lingering hostility. Fortunately, these negative stereotypes that are often promoted by family, friends, and […]
While financial issues can have a significant impact on a parent’s post-divorce life, there usually is no issue that is more concerning than the effect of the divorce on a parent’s relationship with his or her child. Parents […]
Because the Internet is increasing the mobility of our society by facilitating the ability of people to telecommute rather than relocate for a new job, there are many clients who wish to move back to where their family […]
There are many perplexing issues that can complicate a marital dissolution in New Mexico. The resolution of financial issues can substantially determine your post-divorce standard of living and financial security. Since New Mexico is a community property state, […]
While divorce is not typically an enjoyable stage in one’s life, there is no reason that going through a divorce needs to be an exceptionally negative experience. Many divorces proceed in a fairly efficient businesslike fashion toward an […]