Most people are familiar with the term “living trust,” but the fact that many have heard this term does not necessarily mean that people are clear on the nature and precise benefits that can be derived from this […]
While the focus of this blog is on estate planning, the issue of elder abuse to exert undue influence in the drafting of a will or creation of a trust cannot be ignored. Elder abuse in the form […]
While a carefully thought out estate plan can preempt potential problems and ensure that your wishes are honored in the event of your passing or incapacity, the law sometimes provides a “backup” option for married couples. A spouse […]
Our New Mexico Estate Planning Lawyers have previously addressed the importance of periodically reviewing estate plans and estate planning documents because major life events may change one’s preferences or priorities. When one experiences a significant event like the […]
The prospect of placing a loved one in a nursing home is not something that most people are anxious to consider. However, sometimes such a decision is necessary when an elderly family member suffers from mental or physical […]
Although a durable power of attorney can be an invaluable New Mexico Estate Planning tool, there are many situations where a power of attorney may fall short if a person does not have other components to his or […]
Our New Mexico Incapacity Planning Attorneys frequently receive questions about the basic distinctions between a durable power of attorney, advance health care proxy, and a power of attorney (i.e. non-durable). These documents all provide important protections for those […]
If your loved one has passed away after being financially exploited or manipulated because of declining health or mental acuity, the result can be an unexpected disposition of the decedent’s legacy.  Many people die with a will that […]
Most people considering an estate plan to pass their assets to their beneficiaries struggle with competing objectives.  While it is natural to want to use one’s legacy to provide increased financial security for a loved one, those passing […]
Many loved ones who care for elderly family members presume that there is no need for a guardianship or conservatorship because they have been appointed as the agent of the disabled adult under a durable power of attorney. […]