The vast majority of businesses in New Mexico are small businesses that are individual or family enterprises.  Many people who have a small business have every intention of passing the business along to family members when they die.  […]
Family law is qualitatively different than many other areas of law because of the fundamental and intimate nature of the issues and the intense emotions often involved in New Mexico family law cases like divorces, paternity actions, modifications […]
This is the second part in our multi-installment blog on important do’s and don’ts in Santa Fe family law cases. Please click Here to read Part I. Don’t try to police how your spouse spends the voluntary child […]
In the State of New Mexico, if the parties to a marriage are unable to divide their marital property and debt on their own, then the court must do so using a community property scheme of division.  Community […]
When you devote planning, time and energy to your estate plan, it is reasonable to assume that you have some basis for your decisions regarding who should inherit your assets. Regardless of your justification or motivations, you generally […]
While you may think there is plenty of time to worry about long-term care when you get older, many people do not plan for this important necessity until it is too late.  The cost of long-term care can […]
Estate planning provides many benefits that may include reducing the costs of handling your estate upon death, providing for the transfer of your property to family, protection of assets from creditors and other positive consequences.  However, one important […]
Many people who call our New Mexico Estate Planning Law Firm recognize the importance of an effective estate plan in the event of a life-threatening illness, serious incapacitating injury or death, but they may have concerns about whether […]
When your kids go off to college, there are many issues that must be considered, including class selection, relocation to another city or state, financial arrangements and much more. An issue that many parents do not consider is […]


Unbundled Legal Services such as Limited Scope Legal Representation (also known as limited scope assistance & discrete task representation)  keeps you in control of your case and expenses by limiting your attorney’s work to specific agreed upon tasks. […]